Nudism :The United States do not make an exception
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Nudism :The United States do not make an exception

Nudism: a new lifestyle that is attracting more and more throughout the world and the united states dot not make an exception.

France is the first destination in the world for naturism and is also one of the precursory countries in this lifestyle. It should not be forgotten, however, that naked hikes already took place in the 1938s in the United States.


The years pass and the modes of communication of the nudists also. Although many organizations * are present and act for the promotion of naturism in the united states, the social networks have become a space of rallying, meetings and exchanges.


Although the most well-known of them, TrueNudists, was one of the first nudist social network, now others allow exchanges and meetings: Zerokini, N ° 1 in Europe, and the latest born, Free-Nudist Which offers, as well as the naturist social network Zerokini in Europe, access to many features for free.


Nudists can access once registered in a nudist discussion forum, member profiles, nudist ads, groups, news, events and even an XXL webcam chat with an amazing quality of sound and image.


Like the social network Zerokini in Europe, Free-Nudist also offers subscriptions allowing access to all nudist photos, videos, but also to a private webcam chat and unlimited messaging.

The strength of these new nudist social networks rests on the moderation which watches permanently so as not to let malicious people come to tarnish the image of naturism and this way of life in general.

Everyone is free of these sexual acts and practices on private spaces or in adapted places but the public space of these new naturist social networks is meant above all exemplary in naturist ethics.


Mike Post



Young Naturists & Nudists America

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) Main national nudist organization

The Naturist Society (TNS) Main national naturist organization

Naturist Action Comittee

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